Terms for Membership in Association


Please fill out the form and we will contact you to answer questions and to send you the details for membership.

Join our association of Ready Mix and Concrete Pumping Companies. You will get extra exposure and new customers.

Included with Membership

Listing:  We show your business name, address, phone and some promotional material about you including links to your email address and website. You will generally be listed by the distance between your office and the person searching for concrete delivery. Chances are your listing is already on the site.  Go to your city and state and look at your listing.  If you see any errors please bring them to my attention at dmurray@readymix-and-pumping-usa.com

COST is $10 per month for one location plus $5. for each additional company location.

This includes the benefits from the backlinks from the association to your website and the "Best Practices" in how to answer the phone.

The Other Marketing Programs are not included in the base price.

Each of these programs are priced separately:

1.  Google Adwords Set Up and Management

2.  Website Design and Hosting

3.  Video (Two Generic Videos and Nine Seasonal Videos)

Call if you have any questions.

David Murray, Director of Ready Mix and Concrete Pumping Companies of America, an association run by

Evergreen Specialty Services, LLC

Bend, OR

800 239 3814



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