Answering The Phone

As part of our development and marketing of individual websites, we have listened to between 5 and 30 leads per day for ten years for short load concrete delivery. The best practices listed here are a result of listening to those calls and learning the best way to handle those incoming calls about concrete delivery to maximize the conversion of calls into company revenue and profit. Here is the first of the best practices.

How do you handle the question, “how much is a yard of concrete”?

Always follow with a question rather than answering the inquiry. The initial question of “how much”, should be followed with the questions, “how many yards do you need and when do you need it?” Then a follow up question about the PSI and where it is going to be delivered to. Then you can answer the question properly. If is often the case that the person who asks the question, “how much is a yard of concrete”, really needs three or five yards and not just one yard.