Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short load of concrete?

One answer might be that it is less than a full load. Generally speaking, it is less than 9 yards which is how much concrete is in the average barrel truck.

Does this type of service have other names?

Short Load Concrete is also known as Batch on Board Concrete, Mini Mobile Mix or Volumetric Concrete. The “Batch on Board” name comes from the fact the batch of concrete is made on board the truck. Mobile mix comes from the fact the mixing of the concrete is done on a mobile truck. Volumetric reminds everyone you can get the exact volume of concrete you need.

How much is a full load of concrete?

That depends. That depends on who you contact as your concrete supplier. Since most concrete is delivered by ready mix concrete companies using the large barrel shaped drum trucks to make their deliveries, a full load of concrete generally means 8 to 11 yards of concrete delivered by one truck at one time.

What if I don't need that much concrete for my project?

Now we are back to the short load of concrete question. A short load of concrete is any amount of concrete that does not meet the requirements of being a full load of concrete.

Most ready mix concrete suppliers will deliver a short load of concrete to you. You generally just have to pay a short load fee on top of the price of the concrete you are receiving, often with some minimum quantity required. And if you don't need the minimum amount, what do you do? Take the minimum amount anyway and dispose of the remainder? Where? Send it back to the ready mix concrete producer? Disposal fees may apply. Dump it at you sight and let it harden in a big lump. What then? Dig a hole and fill the hole with the extra concrete. This may also be a long term environmental issue waiting to happen.

What is the best way to acquire a less than full load of concrete and avoid heavy extra costs and handling problems? 

Fill your short load or small yardage concrete needs by using concrete suppliers that specialize in producing and delivering or delivering and producing short loads of concrete. The concrete suppliers you find listed on this website specialize in these types of deliveries. They are best suited to meet your concrete requirements at a lower cost than the large barrel truck delivery companies and since they specialize in short loads can often advise you on the best ways to get your job done as smoothly as possible.